The following are excerpts from MIRROR WITH NO REFLECTION.

The Mirror

“The mirror hath no reflection
Upon it you gaze to find only empty form
Self is but superficial projection
It emanates from a source of paradox
One cannot know what is beheld
Although not blind, you cannot see
Image is in the thousand eyes of them
Yet none perceive the same
It is through their shattered reflections you live
Seduced, you become their judgments
And when their eyes close, you are forgotten
The mirror hath no reflection”

The Prelude

“The pillars of justice lied before the man’s eyes. He knew they were to become the bars of a prison. Despite the ethereal purity that the white fascia radiated, what lied within this was masterful artifice and grand illusion. It was a permanent holocaust of dark, where only lies of dominion dwelled. There the persecution of the faceless martyrs was made holy in sacred justice and the screams could still be heard echoing through the halls from a time before eternity. In it innocence was eradicated long ago, guilt was made into the universal. But to be condemned for high treason as this man was not even a crime, but a sin to the structure. There was no repentance, no solace. Past the blinding white light lied a black abyss. It held his fate in a forever nightmare’s lullaby.”


“My pace slackens as I come toward the entrance of the Structure. The immensity of it grows appreciably into and beyond the material, rising higher than the vaulted ceiling of the sky. Poised elegantly in the center of prefecture with a view east into the heart of the Orient, this court has a foreboding presence, sitting as a rampart to militant order. It controls the landscape for even in the farthest reaches of the environs, it can be seen and felt. The Structure’s form is decidedly inhuman although it possesses every core characteristic thereof. Something just seems to be missing. It is a clone of humanity, but has no life breath, no right to existence, no soul to resurrect. And yet it stands as some guardian of the city, an adjudicator of supreme order, it ever vigilant…watching…waiting. The Structure does more than ward off the evil that plagues the human condition, it alters the very perception of morality. A new justice has been created and justified. Wrong has been rewritten. The mass consciousness is no longer literate to evil. The word does not exist.”

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